For The Intercept; January 2018

When a brutal murder rocks a small town in south Georgia, residents and police are shocked. Could the new guy in town be the one who who did it? Yes, the cops say, he is. Case solved. But then another murder happens. And another. In the end: four bodies, two convictions, and one man in jail for a crime he likely did not commit.

Devonia Inman, the man originally convicted and sent to prison for the murder of Donna Brown in a Taco Bell parking lot, still claims innocence, and his case has since been taken up by Georgia lawyer, Jessica Cino. Hercules Brown, the man who many believe was the Donna Brown’s actual murderer, is in prison for three murders committed after Devonia was sent to prison. 

“Murderville, GA” is a story about the American criminal justice system, and what happens when justice is denied through wrongful convictions. Since the photos attempt to explain a crime that happened nearly twenty years prior and with both suspects presently in prison, it is not a traditional photo essay. The photos in “Murderville, GA” instead try to capture the mood of Adel and how these murders still prey on the memory of the family and friends of both the suspects and victims of the crimes. 

Photographed on assignment for The Intercept